[Arm-netbook] Another ARM new baby on the market

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Wed Apr 23 13:14:53 BST 2014

2014-04-23 12:59 GMT+02:00 peter green <plugwash at p10link.net>:

> Erix wrote:
>> if it's about pinout compatibility, I would say great.
>> but on some of their sentences/phrases, we could almost think
>> you could run the same "images" (sdcard) or binaries...
>> from the Raspberry Pi on their "Banana Pi"....
> You certainly aren't going to run an unmodified raspberry Pi image on the
> thing. It's a completely different SoC and will need a different kernel and
> bootloader.
> Userland binaries that don't depend on Pi specific stuff should run
> though. I suspect the screenshot I saw of it running pistore is real.
> The page you linked doesn't seem to have any links to actually buy the
> thing and I saw another page about it at http://www.bananapi.org/ which
> appears to have buying links but when you actually click them they don't go
> anywhere. The pictures on the two sites also seem to have slightly
> different connector arrangements.
> Overall it seems to be being run by a group who haven't quite got their
> shit together, if I'd designed a system arround the raspberry Pi form
> factor and then realised I needed more CPU power I might consider it,
> otherwise i'd probablly go for a product from a vendor who seem more
> competant.

Something like the HummingBoard:

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