[Arm-netbook] Another ARM new baby on the market

peter green plugwash at p10link.net
Wed Apr 23 11:59:55 BST 2014

Erix wrote:
> if it's about pinout compatibility, I would say great.
> but on some of their sentences/phrases, we could almost think
> you could run the same "images" (sdcard) or binaries...
> from the Raspberry Pi on their "Banana Pi"....
You certainly aren't going to run an unmodified raspberry Pi image on 
the thing. It's a completely different SoC and will need a different 
kernel and bootloader.

Userland binaries that don't depend on Pi specific stuff should run 
though. I suspect the screenshot I saw of it running pistore is real.

The page you linked doesn't seem to have any links to actually buy the 
thing and I saw another page about it at http://www.bananapi.org/ which 
appears to have buying links but when you actually click them they don't 
go anywhere. The pictures on the two sites also seem to have slightly 
different connector arrangements.

Overall it seems to be being run by a group who haven't quite got their 
shit together, if I'd designed a system arround the raspberry Pi form 
factor and then realised I needed more CPU power I might consider it, 
otherwise i'd probablly go for a product from a vendor who seem more 

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