[Arm-netbook] Warning: yahoo users postings might be lost

Derek LaHousse dlahouss at mtu.edu
Mon Apr 14 19:16:37 BST 2014

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton <lkcl <at> lkcl.net> writes:

>> Yahoo broke email lists.

Now hold on a sec...

>> This is because at the start of the week Yahoo changed their DMARC 
>> settings to ask servers that receive a message with a yahoo.com email
>> address in the From:line to reject it if it isn't properly signed by
>> yahoo, which all messages they send will be.

>> There are several possible workarounds, but none of them satisfactory.

But I don't WANT another person to spoof my mail address.  Why should a
mailing list be any different?

>  i love the way they say "DMARC was invented because you never know
> what other methods people will use - SPF or DKIM".
>  well... now there's *three* possible methods that people won't use...
great! :)

No, DMARC points at one/both of the other two.  It's not a parallel.

I mean, sure, it breaks lists.  But the lists were already broken, and yahoo
is just saying "we want it done right."  It would be unfortunate if they lose
people because of doing the right thing, technically.

Is it so hard to change from to the address of the mailing list (which the 
email REALLY IS FROM, and set the reply-to: to the original author?  That
sounds like the right thing, to me.

This email sent from gmane, which is going to LIE TO EVERYONE and claim I
mailed it.

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