[Arm-netbook] It arrived in the post just now!

Henrik Nordström henrik at henriknordstrom.net
Tue Jul 30 23:32:31 BST 2013

tis 2013-07-30 klockan 18:06 +0100 skrev luke.leighton:

>  if however you're thinking that you can power-up by providing 5V
> power on the USB-OTG interface and at the same time make some weird
> cable where the USB signals go to a USB powered up then please don't
> try doing that, it will only end in tears.

Well.. the AXP power management is really separate from USB port
function, so might actually work. But you probably need to wait for A20
support to merge into sunxi-3.4 tree which I hope is only days away,
people are working hard on that right now, but held up by.. guess what..
USB driver issues.

>  i already have had debian/testing armhf up and running months ago on
> both the A10 and A20 CPU Cards - other OSes are not going to be hard
> to do.

As mentioned earlier Fedora 19 is also available for A20 and basically
only needs a proper script.bin for the EOMA68-A20.

I think dirst prio is to compose a proper set of fex files for different
EOMA68-A20 uses + clear instructions on how to use the shipped Android
to replace the NAND u-boot with one that can boot from the uSD slot of

I got my EOMA68-A20 board today btw.

Right.. should also write up a document on how to disassemble the PCMCIA
casing safely so one can reach the USB-BOOT "jumper" for those who needs


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