[Arm-netbook] Need help finding components in China

David Lanzendörfer david.lanzendoerfer at o2s.ch
Mon Jul 1 16:32:58 BST 2013

>  ahh.... hang on a sec.  you're not *actually* creating anything new,
> here - you're re-doing existing product designs as EOMA-68 products.
Yes... Actually, I'm redrawing the reference implementation schematic
for the AXP209 power managment from one of the PDFs I've found
on your web folder.

>  would you agree?
Yes... Of course. Something totally new costs too much.

>  if so, then actually, copying *existing* products would be a
> seriously, seriously good idea.
Yes. I know. But *not only*.
Since my configuration and feature list hasn't been there yet in this very
same constellation (otherwise I wouldn't need to design it) I'll have to
go some unknown roads here...

>  so... to that end, have you identified any popular products, taken
> them apart and looked up the chipsets?  (or done the
> internet-equivalent thereof)...
Yes. That's why I've chosen Elantech for keyboard matrix decoder...
(PS: Read the vivaldi-engineering ML ;-) )

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