[Arm-netbook] Framebuffer support - Mele A1000

Juan Carlos Mendez jcmendez at locatel.biz
Mon Mar 26 08:12:09 BST 2012

Hi all,
    I like to coment and share some experiences with the recovery 
procedures of this device....

El 23/03/12 15:51, Alejandro Martínez escribió:

> Also, the Mele is the first A10 device I know of that has a *working* 
> recovery partition, for OTAs. The rest of the manufacturers leave the 
> upgrading process exclusive to Livesuit, although the recovery 
> partition is still there and, when there's a recovery, you can boot it 
> to it (on tablets) by holding a volume key.
Yes... i successfully  upgraded from 1.2  to 1.3 via OTA without 

> The device is *unbrickable*, not at an Android level, but at a SoC 
> level. There's a firmware image for the 1.2 firmware on the Mele 
> website. You can use it with a tool called PhoenixCard (it is 
> included) to create an "special" SD card image which will flash the 
> firmware to NAND.
Due to I was deinstalling hardcoded chinesse apps  the launcher (and the 
device)  turns unestable and get lots of error  in screen....   (TIP: 
First you must delete the widgets from the desktop and then (and only 
then) deinstall the apps  ... )

I must to "burn" a special recovery SD to restore it...

As Alejandro said  the tool is  PhoneixCard...

This tool is a little tricky ... Only works  (almost with my tests on 
Windows 7 ) only  if you has an only removable unit  and this unit is 
your SD unit....    If you (like me ) has an integrated usb
MMC , MS, SD, XD, etc. multireader....  you must disable ( at windows 
device manager )  all of the related unit except the SD one...

You select the image ,  check the "Product" option  ,  press  the "Burn" 
button  and wait a few minutes... and voila! you get a recovery SD
Now, power offf (if not already) the Mele device   insert the recovery 
SD   and turn it on ... The blue led ... starts to blink...
You must wait to the blue led stop blinking  ... then extract the SD and 
turn it on... The device should be completely recovered

Here  some firmware  links....   (I used the last 1.4 version ... )

Last firmware version (v1.4)

Original version 1.2

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