[Arm-netbook] Framebuffer support - Mele A1000

Tom Cubie mr.hipboi at gmail.com
Sat Mar 24 00:47:44 GMT 2012

On Fri, Mar 23, 2012 at 10:51 PM, Alejandro Martínez <zen at itram.es> wrote:

> There are sources out there for the Android image used on the Ainol Novo7
> tablet - the Android image done by this might probably work, although you'd
> lose most of the "TVfications" on the firmware of the Mele. But it's
> something to begin with..
> The device is *unbrickable*, not at an Android level, but at a SoC level.
> There's a firmware image for the 1.2 firmware on the Mele website. You can
> use it with a tool called PhoenixCard (it is included) to create an
> "special" SD card image which will flash the firmware to NAND.
> This SD will boot from the BROM bootloader and skip NAND entirely, so you
> can pretty much dd if=/dev/zero all of the nand and it will probably still
> work.
> You can also use another tool, Livesuit, to flash it using the built-in
> inside USB.
> On the wiki there's an article about mksunxiboot, this is a tool Tom
> created which will make a bootable u-boot SD card. From that, loading Linux
> from the SD is a piece of cake.
> The firmware image format is encrypted and there are no "open"
> implementations of it (same happens with both of the updating options), but
> the tools to create and dump contents from firmware images are out there,
> and most of the info here is applicable to the Mele:
> http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1490886
> Also, the Mele is the first A10 device I know of that has a *working*
> recovery partition, for OTAs. The rest of the manufacturers leave the
> upgrading process exclusive to Livesuit, although the recovery partition is
> still there and, when there's a recovery, you can boot it to it (on
> tablets) by holding a volume key.
> On Fri, Mar 23, 2012 at 3:34 PM, Simon Kenyon <simon at koala.ie> wrote:
>> On 03/23/12 11:37, David Given wrote:
>> > So if you make the main OS unbootable, you can boot to the recovery
>> > partition and tinker with the files; and if somehow you make *that*
>> > unbootable you can reboot into fastboot mode and replace the OS image
>> > entirely.
>> certainly works and boot and does all it supposed to
>> i just lost the original launcher - that is all
>> anyway, the objective (for me at least) was to get AOSP onto this box
>> anyone trying and looking to collaborate?
>> i have it running on my pandaboard and would love to get it running on
>> the allwinner
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Summary: the A10 machines(tablet or tv box) is unbrickable.

1. you can always update nand with livesuite, even the nand flash is blank.
2. you can use a special sd card image to flash nand no matter firmware
   on nand is ok or not
3. The sd card boot priority is higher than nand, so if there is a bootable
   on sd card, nand is ignored.

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