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Tsvetan Usunov - OLIMEX Ltd usunov at olimex.com
Sun Mar 25 08:04:30 BST 2012

> Sooner or later the spec of A10 will be public, it's not public because
> it's not carefully checked, the spec we use internally is very bad, some
> part is missing, some is wrong or misleading. We are moving fast, the
> documents fall behind.

I hope you understand that releasing documentation for your product is
essential to attract developers to use it. I bet in 6-9 or 12 months there
will be newer, faster, cheaper alternative for A10 and nobody will consider
A10 for new design, if you release the documentation after 12 months it
will be useless.

Look what Texas Instruments do - they have documentation for all their
AM335x devices while only AM3358 and AM3359 are in production and others
are in PREVIEW state. Many people already design wit these devices while
they are not available ;)

If you are not confident with the quality of the documentation there may be
warning on it or ask people who got it to sign you NDA or documet that they
release you of responsibility for errors, but NO documentation is worse
than bad documentation.

Also having many eyes to look at your documentation will help you to
improve it!

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