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On Saturday, March 24, 2012, Tsvetan Usunov - OLIMEX Ltd <usunov at olimex.com>
>> no there is NOT an "announcement for $15 BOM", there is a RELAYING OF
around a $15 BOM.
>> i wish people would actually listen to what's being said.  sorry tsvetan.
> I'm sorry but this pricing is not very clearly explained, I saw this :
> which compares A10 with RPi as $15 vs $25 computers, and $25 is anounced
sale price, so is normal people to assume $15 will be the sale price for
A10 computer
> then I read here some power point presentation which also writes $15
board and you reply that this is not price of the boards but the price of
the BOM
> then I read on your web:
> The Allwinner A10 CPU has been developed in, and is sold in, the People's
Republic of China. Its mass-volume price is around $7 (mass volume is very
unclear term)
> and
> EOMA68 - The mass-volume (100k units) cost will be somewhere around $15:
the more committments received, the closer the price will get to that.
> what this COST includes is also not clear, is it with the 40-60% profit
margin or just BOM?
>> ellen's team is going through the approximate BOM (with the major
components) at the moment, so we will have a better approximation soon
enough, and once bari's finalised the schematics, we can get an exact quote.
> it would be cool if you explain more clearly the prices and if possible
to write the final cost including all additional profit, etc as this is
quite misleading you see Hugo also though you will sell EOMA68 for $15 :-)
> something like:
> EOMA68 will  cost $50 for 1000 pcs, $40 for 5000 pcs, $25 for 100 000 pcs
> would less confuse potentially interested to use it
>> that's what we've done.  we received the EVK schematics from wits-tech.
 the EOMA-68 CPU card is actually a cut-down version of the EVK schematics.
 we picked the A10 not just because of the low projected price but also
because its interfaces are near-direct match for EOMA-68.
> but how you design your schematic when this processor have no specs even
for the power supply consumption figures? what if the first EOMA prototype
do not work, how you will search for the cause of the problem when there is
NO technical info for this processor?
> how would I for instance use the PWM this processor have when the only
info about it in the datasheet is on which ball this port go?or how to use
DMA channel? or the camers sensor interface?
> the level of documentation this processor is incredible low, we have here
term for this : you buy "cat in bag" i.e. you got something which you don't
know if it will work for you or not and I do not understand who will invest
thousands in development of product with not documented processor

Sooner or later the spec of A10 will be public, it's not public because
it's not carefully checked, the spec we use internally is very bad, some
part is missing, some is wrong or misleading. We are moving fast, the
documents fall behind.

> Tsvetan

Keep simple, stay foolish.
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