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Sun Mar 25 06:00:43 BST 2012

On Sun, Mar 25, 2012 at 3:37 AM, moo cow <magcrap at gmail.com> wrote:

> In passing as I understand it you Rhombus guys have decided now on exactly
> what SOC etc you are using .. perhaps its time to freeze discussion of
> anything other than your core objective of getting this A10 device to
> prototype/test .. all these talk of other SOC's, merging projects etc  etc
> seems to me is very distracting and seems to me to take the FOCUS off what
> youre trying to achieve as the longer time passes the more out of date your
> spec quite naturally will become.



 actually, we are planning about 2-3 years ahead.  we have seen what
has happened with the tcc8902, and the aml 8726, so we know for a fact
that it will happen again.

 thus, strategically, it is completely necessary to continue to
evaluate all known SoCs on a constant basis... *as well* as develop
the first EOMA-68 CPU card in the series.

 it will get easier.

 the reason it will get easier is because the connectors required for
the first CPU card will be pretty much the same ones as for all
subsequent CPU cards.

 but there is more to it than that: we are actually actively looking
to *create* a new CPU, as well as work with any SoC companies that are
either up-and-coming or are struggling and would like to try something
a bit different.

 the game has completely changed.  microsoft is dead, but doesn't know
it yet.  the shit will only hit the fan for them once they realise how
completely out of their depth they are with the ARM architecture,
amongst systems where everyone has been developing exclusively and in
some cases with assembly-optimisation for x86, made worse by the fact
that every single hardware device that is based around ARM processors
is completely and utterly different from any other hardware device:
there *are* no standards.

 this is just the start, moo, but we have to keep moving and keep
thoroughly ahead of the game.


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