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Sun Mar 25 03:37:46 BST 2012

Wow ..

been following this group for a while with interest as i'm interested in
devices a step up from plug computers.

It's a sad fact of life that a lot of people find it more natural to be
destructive rather than constructive, the Raspberry Pi
people did well to curtail these trolling characters as it would have
sapped a lot of the positiveness and FOCUS of their project otherwise.

Mr OLIMEX, if you have been reading these posts you can see that theres a
spiffy A10 set top device  (melle A1000) in production .. you can purchase
one of these from china (instructions posted on the forums) and these kind
people on these forums have even posted in a wiki with some instructions
(and code) to enable you to boot from a linux distro on the sd card. .. i
am sure if you dont abuse them too much they may even help you if you are
struggling to get it up and running in OLIMEX H.Q.

In passing as I understand it you Rhombus guys have decided now on exactly
what SOC etc you are using .. perhaps its time to freeze discussion of
anything other than your core objective of getting this A10 device to
prototype/test .. all these talk of other SOC's, merging projects etc  etc
seems to me is very distracting and seems to me to take the FOCUS off what
youre trying to achieve as the longer time passes the more out of date your
spec quite naturally will become.

Perhaps IMHO its also time to move up to something like "Redmine" rather
than this post list .. that way you can start to allocate and track tasks,
manage change control and docs and all those other spiffy things you
engineering types do ;-)  ...  it will also segregate forum posts and
trolls from the task management which is really IMHO where your focus
should be.

Personally my only interest is in getting cheap open unbrickable devices
to do the job that i want them to do .. I have no interest whether  the
producing entity is a CIC or a limited company or whether you are gonna
charge patent royalties to the CIC etc on each device etc .. if your spec,
price, quality is right I will buy it if its not I will buy elsewhere ...

hope it helps


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