[Arm-netbook] Framebuffer support - Mele A1000

Peter Steenbergen p.steenbergen at j1nx.nl
Thu Mar 22 22:22:07 GMT 2012

> If I'm not wrong, the framebuffer console was broken :(
> I tried it on my tablet and it just didn't work (no screen output). I
> think Tom tried it too and it didn't worked, and reported it to the girl
> who took care of that part. Although given the Mele is a different device,
> it might *just work*, but don't be surprised if it doesn't.
At least let's try it ;) , but you might be right.

> Also, there's no need at all to overwrite the default u-boot over adb.
> This can be used: http://rhombus-tech.net/a10_mmc_boot/
> A mksunxiboot bootable SD will just boot on any device (even bricked ones)
> without any need to even touch the NAND.
OK, this is good news, but it appears to make the first part of the
"hacking the mele" page obsolete then
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