[Arm-netbook] Framebuffer support - Mele A1000

Peter Steenbergen p.steenbergen at j1nx.nl
Thu Mar 22 20:54:24 GMT 2012

This is for one of the few people that already have the Mele A1000 device
(I hope Tom puts me on the list for the second batch, so I can get a cheap
and fast delivery for my own device).

Looking at the Rhomtech hacking howto at;
You need to have the UART connection to have the u-boot and linux console.
Can someone of you guys apply the following kernel tweak (make arch=arm
menuconfig) and boot with that kernel

Device Drivers -> Graphics support -> Console display driver support ->
[*] Framebuffer Console support
[*] Map the console to the primary display device (<- Optional, try the
first one first)

The above might re-route the linux console to the HDMI and/or VGA display

Next steps would then be;
1) Make sure U-boot automatically boots from MMC when the proper
files/partitions are in place at the card
2) Changing the default android install, such that it allows ADB over TCP

setprop service.adb.tcp.port 5555
stop adbd
start adbd

Or by using one of the "adb over wifi" apps. (Is the android firmware on
the device rooted?)

If we activated ADB over TCP and make sure we have an auto-boot mmc kind of
u-boot ready. We can push the uboot image to the device over the network
and the kernel will use framebuffer support to send the console to the
normal display device.

Then other people can just download the proper uboot image, push it to the
device over TCP, and boot the kernels and linux variants without even
opening up the device. No need for cables inside the device.

But let's start with getting the console to the right place.
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