[Arm-netbook] [advice sought] EOMA68 kernel support

Derek LaHousse dlahouss at mtu.edu
Sat Mar 10 13:06:19 GMT 2012

On 03/10/2012 05:08 AM, arm-netbook-request at lists.phcomp.co.uk wrote:
> Hold on, hot plug at run time? If you unplug you will lose power, there is
no space for a battery on the card. Well not much and no designs have one.


Hot-swap?  Or Hibernate and swap?  I thought there was already code for
turning off a bunch of drivers when going in to hibernate, and then
re-initializing when coming out. (Not that I know where that is).

On the other hand, hibernate would need to write the CPU-card state to
storage available on the CPU-card.  If you're using the SATA connection,
you can't use a swap file or partition on the external drive.

And a reminder that we talked before about not putting the entire
device-tree in the EEPROM.  You've got a couple, variable devices on the
other side of the CPU-card too, so the EEPROM only holds a branch of the
device tree.


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