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Hello Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton,

Am 2011-11-05 12:34:52, hacktest Du folgendes herunter:
>  oo.  can i please ask you a big big favour?  could you make it in
> PCMCIA form-factor, but have expansion headers for everything that you
> need, even if they are 15mm high?

Hmmm, I have the original specification for Mini-PCIe.

You mean, I should put all 3 PCIe 1x onto 3  Mini-PCIe  Slots  and  wide
enough seperated to put in the bigger PC-Cards?  Would be possibel.

Oh, die current µC is NOT a real one...  it is a FPGA!

> > I like to know, which PCIe Graphic-Processor (with 24bit RGB  Interface)
> > you would use for it.
>  michelle - the really really weird thing is: there aren't any 3D, and
> there was only one low-power PCIe 2D one, called the volari Z11.
> that's _literally_ all i've been able to find, in 2 years.

The only PCIe GPUs I know, are consuming more then the µC + 2 GB DDR2+ 3
miniSDHC + SATA HDD + DVD-rom together...

It is time to build (requires some crazy guys) our own GPU even based on

>  probably licensing... _possibly_ power.  USB3 is much higher power
> requirements.

Right, but WHO build a TabletPC with a Dual-Core of 2,5 GHz?

This are µC fpr PanelPCs, Routers or Server

> > Hmmm, maybe I will use an USB-Soundchip  for  it,  but  I  do  not  know
> > currently
>  genesys logic do one, costs only $1.50 in mass-volume.  and i found
> another one recently, apologies can't remember what it is.

I try to build computers for Mini-Series, speak, I manufacturer 100-1000
pcs at once.  So no big volumes...  (maybe one real at once)

However, I will check with Genesis Logic.

Hmm, this give me an idea, because  if  you  prefer  that  I  build  the
PanelPC with 3 Mini-PCIe Slots, I couls put 2 additional PCIe Slots into
the computer where only the USB-Part ist connected,  so  users  can  use
GSM-Modems (the ARE USB) or USB Soundcards for PCIe Slot or use  another
slot with real PCIe Sound-Card.

Oh, before I forget, my Marvel Discovery MV78200 (Dual-Core) has cost me
4 prototype boards for the ASS (4x 2500 Euro) and now the 5th is working
with the help of Marvel.  However fucking NDA!

The Marvel Armada 300 is currenly not working.

...and I have no real spare money to continue currently.

Must work with the material I have @home or get a bigger sponsor to work
on it (definitively not my fsck Bank), but I am speaking about at  least
15-20.000 Euro because I must work full time on it.

Thanks, Greetings and nice Day/Evening
    Michelle Konzack

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