[Arm-netbook] 12in laptop story

Alejandro Mery amery at geeks.cl
Mon Jan 31 21:52:07 GMT 2011

> I'm not an expert but i would suggest you to loot at TI's chips. As far
> as I remember, they have the best linux support et ARM community I have
> ever seen. And you can easily inspirer yourself from their open source
> beagleboard (or even pandaboard) motherboard design.
> http://www.beagleboard.org
> http://www.pandaboard.org
> I have a Tegra 2 ARM netbook (Toshiba AC100) and the hardware is really
> nice but the lack of support and cooperation from NVIDIA makes things
> very difficult. We are stuck with a .29 kernel and we don't have other
> choices than unstable outdated Xorg Drivers. And i don't even speak
> about video codecs. So if i could replace this f**** Tegra chip by a
> Omap4 chip (also 1ghz dual core), i would do it. They are always up to
> date concerning drivers, flash plugins, and video codecs. The community
> is big and open. So if i had the skills to do what you're planning to
> do, i would choose an Omap chip. You'll save a lot of programming and
> porting time.

Using pandaboard's components as base for a netbook can be indeed a wise idea

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