[Arm-netbook] Linux & Toshiba AC100 : HELP !!!

sbocahu at bearstech.com sbocahu at bearstech.com
Wed Sep 22 16:10:26 BST 2010


> I'm a kind of confused. This the ARM netbook
> mailing list but nobody has talked about the Toshiba AC100.
> This smartbook sports a 1Ghz Dual Core Cortex A9 ARM processor.
> It's available in UK, Japan, and even France (I don't know for U.S).
> The only problem is that the only O.S. actualy running on this
> smartbook is Android. Toshiba doesn't want to support the device
> concerning Ubuntu. Some people has began to manage installing Ubuntu
> or Debian on this smartbook, but we have not reach this point yet.
> We need help from everybody that has knowledge on ARM and Linux system 
> functioning.

Looks pretty cool, indeed.

Do you have some that you may lend ?


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