[Arm-netbook] root hacked

JLB j at twu.net
Fri Feb 19 01:14:40 GMT 2010

Very nice. I'm still running 'john'; it might be useful to know what the 
'stock' root password is for this doober.

On Fri, 19 Feb 2010, Jon Ervine wrote:

> On 19 February 2010 04:21, JLB <j at twu.net> wrote:
>> Sweet! What was the backdoor? Adding midfun to sudoers?
> There is no sudo/sudoers on this netbook. This works very sweetly. What I
> did was copy the existing passwd file, and modified the root password entry
> to 'something I knew' in this copy. The original /sbin/udevd I backed up and
> then created a new /sbin/udevd which was a shell script to copy my edited
> passwd file to /etc and also call my backed up original /sbin/udevd with the
> '-d' argument.
> Worked like a champ. I'm sure there are other, more elegant ways of getting
> a backdoor too ....
> Many kudos to Oliver for spotting that! Now the fun can really start with
> root access to this little system!
> Jon (who has also stopped wasting CPU cycles on john (was up to 42 hours by
> that stage)

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