[Arm-netbook] we and mid-fun

Alejandro Mery amery at geeks.cl
Thu Feb 18 11:43:53 GMT 2010

there is something about this project I don't understand. the ct-pc89e
netbook we bought from mid-fun (seatron?) was chosen because there was
some sort of "close contact" with the factory, but we have ended up
disecting it as one would do for one bough to an evil telco bound to
phone contract.

I accept their english can be bad, and also that they don't understand
what GPL means, but we are trying to *discover* what the video output
port is, we are trying to crack the root password and even to exploit
a vmslice vulnerability to gain control over a device which we were
supposed to use as corner stone of development of a free "OS" for
low-cost ARM netbooks.

*IF* we actually have contact with the factory and the engineers
behind this netbook, can't we ask them for: (even if the answer is in
chinese it's better than what we have)
- root password!
- bill of materials
- schematics
- firmware upgrade technical details
- kernel patches, .config file
- any sort of documentation

Alejandro Mery

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