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2017-05-30 4:36 GMT+02:00 Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton <lkcl at lkcl.net>:

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> On Mon, May 29, 2017 at 10:48 PM, David Niklas <doark at mail.com> wrote:
> > I am just a tad confused.
> > 1. You started a reverse engineering project on NT domains.
> > 2. You presented your success to MS as a security problem.
>  and also a collaboration and interoperability opportunity (which
> worked extremely successfully).
>  and it also galvanised them to do a proper documentation effort.
> basically there wasn't any.  at all.  the code had been organically
> develeped by engineers that were getting on for retirement age.  as
> they were the only ones left who understood the security implications,
> they began a rather urgent process called the "CIFS Initiative" to
> document the protocol so that their *own engineers could understand
> it*.
>  frickin funny, really.
> > 3. You were hired.
> > 4. Someone in MS complained.
>  some fuckwit in the brain-washed marketing department, yes.  what's
> hilarious is that microsoft's own employees - the ones with good
> reputations and standing - had to tell this particular specimen of
> brainwashed fuckwittery, "you _do_ realise what this one individual
> could do to our company if you ever pissed him off??"
>  :)
> > So, the FLOSS folks never saw your work anyway?
>  they did.... and they resented it, very very badly.  the so-called
> leaders of the samba team *really* did not like the fact that i knew
> more than them about MSRPC, and that the work that i spearheaded
> increased the codebase of samba at the time by a whopping THIRTY
>  so they engineereed a way to get me out.
>  by 2003 someone in the FLOSS community tracked my work on Exchange
> 5.5 reverse-engineering, copied it, reimplemnted it, and did not tell
> anyone that i was the one who had done the reverse-engineering.
>  20 years later samba is considered to be a failure.  samba 4 was
> something like 10 years in the making, and yet failed to deliver.
> companies that had held on to samba 3, which the samba developers
> STOPPED work on because they didn't understand it properly, were
> struggling to keep it up and running and were totally incensed when
> samba 4 was finally released and was even worse and even harder to
> configure.
>  they pushed me out and FLOSS has suffered as a result, because the
> complexity is so high it's beyond their ability to cope.

You're sounding like libv here ;-)

> l.
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