[Arm-netbook] why are notebook devices not usb?

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> On Sat, May 27, 2017 at 6:16 PM, Christopher Havel
> <laserhawk64 at gmail.com> wrote:
> > Money. It's cheaper to do it that way..
>  yyep.  this s pretty much.. errr... on the money

An unforeseen answer. I thought it would be lower
priced to make an usb device one time and several notebook
manufacturers would buy the device for their notebook.
The going for thinner argument sounds relevant.
I thought making proprietary devices would make it more difficult
and expensive for other manufacturers to make the same devices.
Remarkable that it is lower priced for a manufacturer to make
a device by themselves.      

> > There's also the form factor to consider -- to an extent, there are no
> > standards for laptop gadgetry because there's no way to do that. Different
> > laptop sizes and shapes require differently-sized and -shaped crap inside.
>  ... all completely optimised and customised based around what they
> can get hold of, or what the reference design from intel is (which
> will have specific power requirements and thermal requirements)...then
> there is the constant demand for "thin-ness" which, as chris says,
> means that a CUSTOM CONNECTOR gets ordered and made... and you can't
> get hold of them.
>  ron i wrote a long time ago when developing the tablet, about using a
> single embedded controller which only costs $1, instead of putting in
> a $1 USB hub, a $1.50 USB camera, a $1 USB audio IC and so on.
>  it all adds up and the margins are so insanely low on laptops - ten
> percent FOR THE ENTIRE CHAIN right from factory to sales - that they
> just cannot justify the extra cost.
> l.
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