[Arm-netbook] Logos

John Luke Gibson eaterjolly at gmail.com
Fri Mar 17 19:55:36 GMT 2017

I was wondering what people think of the Cloister Black letter E for
the EOMA logo. I can imagine that some people might find it hard to
read or understand. Legible enough any one would suppose?


In case anyone is worried about copyright claim, apparently the
original authors found the font on gimp, which is absurd because it's
not an in-built font so it must have been a system font that they just
casually assumed was free since they found it in gimp >.>

Regardless, I found the font as a free [as in beer] font on a font
sale website with the name matching and each letter meticulously
matching. Through there I found the author's website which is in
German and has many other font downloads of various styles. Through
google-translate I discovered that german text on the page said free
for "private" use, whatever that means (maybe if someone knows
German?) and they reiterated "you may use" multiple times in the
comments. Unfortunately, they seem to have a lot of fonts on the
website which they've been updating occasionally "Cloister Black"
included. In fact the name no longer shows "Cloister Black" on their
website and instead shows "Old English", but through the wayback
machine I found an archived version that shows "Cloister Black". I'll
post the link here when I get a chance, I saved it on my other

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