[Arm-netbook] I apologize for not knowing this sooner,

zap calmstorm at posteo.de
Sun Jun 25 01:47:15 BST 2017

>  information / history.  search for one topic, explore five links
> (right-mouse tab) and not find what you want, then close 1/2 of them,
> open 5 more.  within 5-10 minutes there are 20 tabs open on one topic.
>  then get another email message, and have something else to track
> down.  but you're still in the middle of analysing the previous lot,
> which may take time.  so leave those open.
>  repeat that process and after 2 months you easily have 200 or more tabs open.
> l.
Actually, I also have one other thing to add, I might be wrong about my
last message. it might not even use that much.

But if I am correct, processors are more important for linux laptops
than crazy amounts of ram right?

unless, like you said they are developers.

Anyways I meant to send this directly to luke so we can drop this if you

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