[Arm-netbook] libre laptop 3d print run 90% done

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at lkcl.net
Sun Jan 17 23:45:52 GMT 2016

holy cow there are *twenty five* separate parts in the laptop's
casework.  that's just nuts.  if someone had said to me, "yeah you're
gonna be making a 3d printed laptop, you'll need to do it in 25
separate parts" i would have said, "naah, you're having a laugh -
surely it doesn't have to be that complex" which in the past has been
my cue to run like hell from any project whenever someone uses the
phrase "surely it doesn't neeeeeed to be as complex as alll
thaaaat"... :)

anyway i'm nearly done - i just have the touchpanel holder to redo,
and the battery, pcb1 and keyboard tray supports that run off of it.
the parts are all trimmed / adjusted (some details in the join points
are just too small to be able to 3d-print accurately with filament),
so i should be able to begin assembly in a day or so.



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