[Arm-netbook] a10^Wa20 eoma68 card

luke.leighton luke.leighton at gmail.com
Sat May 25 17:37:03 BST 2013

ok, we have the kde team up-and-running with xorg, so that's 3 people now
with working boards.  however we decided to do a respin because we
discovered that the critical SD0 interface had been swapped (without our
permission or notification that it had been done) with SD3, and then cut in
half so that neither JTAG nor SD0 nor UART0 on the multiplexed pins would
work. the respin involves putting the 6 pins of SD0 onto the 8 EOMA68 GPIO
pins so that at factory-install (and for debug purposes) we can at least
boot up the damn device, and so can you.

but, this is the reason why the 22-or-so 1stbatch hasn't yet gone out.
we've got a price for doing 25 boards: there's zero change out of $2500 -
and that's not including shipping costs.  we think it's a bit steep, so are
looking for alternatives.  if we could get to 50 boards then the price
comes down somewhat.  it's the setup / admin fees that are the kicker.

also, it looks like we're going to skip the A10, not because the A10's not
any good, but because the price-performance of the A20 is far, far higher.


if there are 25 more brave souls who'd like a board, the kernel's sorted,
u-boot's sorted, debian's sorted, android's sorted,
boot-loading-over-usb-fex is sorted, so the "early days" are over and i
think we can declare this as almost going into alpha phase now.  still
absolutely no warranty, still "engineering boards", you'd still be classed
as "testing engineers" and absolutely in *NO WAY* classified as
"end-users".  and due to a number of stupid lawsuits are probably going to
have to sign something indicating formal acceptance of that, but hey.

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