[Arm-netbook] hacking mele M9: the quad core allwinner SOC A31

Bamvor Zhang bamv2005 at gmail.com
Fri May 10 07:59:49 BST 2013

>On Tue, 2013-04-30 at 00:07 +0800, Bamvor Zhang wrote:
>>* hi, *
>>* *
>>* i have got the mele quad core STB. it is indeed has the same uart*
>>* connector as mele A1000. and the MP tools is out, it could support *
>>* make a bootable sd card. So, i am trying to put opensuse 12.3 on it.*
>>* the photos and bootlog, ref: *
>>* http://xen_on_arm.farbox.com/post/mele_m9_quadcore *
>Cool! Thanks for posting there. Are you still planning to try and get
>Xen running on this system?
yes. it is what i want.
>With my Xen.org hat on I'm quite interested in this platform (and in the
>A20/A31 generally),
So, do i. Currently, A20/A31 is only open source SOC in Cortex-A7 world.
i guess it is the cheapest device for arm virtualization.
>so I'll be keeping an eye on your progress. Good
>Luck & See you on xen-devel@ ;-)!
Thanks, i will.
right now, i only post some xen tools patches to xen-devel with the email:
bjzhang at suse.com. i hope i could participate the xen arm hypervisor
development too.

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