[Arm-netbook] USB connected DVD drive on a Mele-A2000

Stefan Monnier monnier at iro.umontreal.ca
Mon Feb 25 17:18:06 GMT 2013

I'd like to use an external DVD reader on my Mele-A2000 (running stock
Android 4.0.4 firmware, aka "Mele 1.1 firmware"), but when I connect it,
nothing seems to happen (dmesg shows no reaction).

The drive itself works fine when connected to my desktop, so I suspect
that the "3.0.8+" kernel in the firmware simply lacks support for
such devices.

I guess I could try and build the corresponding kernel modules by hand,
but I'd rather avoid setting up the build environment and
everything else.
Does someone know where I could find the needed modules (or another
firmware which would have the needed modules)?


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