joem joem at martindale-electric.co.uk
Tue Dec 24 12:07:08 GMT 2013

> > My thoughts were to add an high pin count
> > FPC somewhere to get more pins out
> > than limit the box to 68 pins.
>  next revision.  we need to sell units first.  or someone needs to
> provide the $10k NREs to be able to have the first EOMA68-A20 CPU card
> layout completely redesigned.  but even then, an FPC is not going to
> be part of the EOMA68 specification because the EOMA68 specification
> is a mass-volume specification where the units are sold with a sealed
> metal shield around them.

What I notice was that the HDMI end has a gap that will allow
an FPC flat cable to be fitted through the gap.
Careful design needed though - tight squeeze to get access
to the ears of the FPC connector to allow cable to be connected
and disconnected without having to open the case.

The alternative is an FPC positioned at 90 degrees
which forces the case to be opened for fitting.
A flexible PCB with 90 degree tracks would be the way to
connect into the EOMA, and only embedded engineer would do it.

A third alternative is to have the PCMCIA case made with a
laser cut slot to allow the FPC cable to be connected.
But that goes against the idea of a well sealed box.

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