[Arm-netbook] Interesting chip the LPC1343

joem joem at martindale-electric.co.uk
Tue Dec 17 09:06:18 GMT 2013


I ordered this FPGA dev system:


[Already over subscribed by x5 and still 24 days to go :)  ]

I found it has a $2 LPC1343 ARM cortex chip which has within it which
has USB MSD or MSC (Media Storage Device/Class) driver built
into the ROM of the chip! Just connect the USB and it will
open as an attached mass storage device, and then drag and drop
files into it to program it!

It doesn't need a programmer

The IDE is by Code-Red which is Eclipse and it is available for Linux.
NXP have bought them out recently and now 256k of code generated by it
doesn't require a license.

I can't find any more such chips from NXP.
(The ones that are available with USB require software to be developed
and programmed into the device that turns it into an MSD - which is
great if you got the time.)

May be this chip useful to add on to MEB or other bits of
hardware to to add features such as programmable switch mode power
supplies or extend general purpose IO - because it simplifies software
development for those chips and their programming, and easier to update
firmware once a project has shipped.

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