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joem joem at martindale-electric.co.uk
Fri Dec 13 13:20:02 GMT 2013

> > In other news:
> >
> > Anyone up for HK / Shenzhen component sourcing guided tour?
>  mmmmm love to, but i can't book that far ahead: remember this isn't
> yet a financially self-funded project: we're still at an early phase
> and i can't make those kinds of committments yet.  maybe *by* february
> things will be different - i'd like them to be!
>  apologies.

If you can make it, its 2nd week of February and meet in HK airport.
If you missed the meeting time, its a bit of a hard and long
trek into Shenzhen border crossing by yourself, but we can meet you
other side. Or you can go into Guangzhou international airport directly
and we pick you up from there when you exit.

You pay all your own expenses, there is no fees as such for joining us,
as its an open source get together + sourcing thing.
About USD2000 in actual expenses I would imagine, and you need
a safety net of USD5000 on a card in case of unexpected problems.
The trip is worth its weight in gold if you are in deep end of
electronic manufacturing.

It does not cover plastics, software or product design
because those factories are far away and meeting them
in their factory might drain 1 to 2 days per factory.

If you buy samples, the factory hosting this thing will package it and
send it so you are not lumbered carrying it.

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