[Arm-netbook] Flashing the NAND

Marco Martin notmart at gmail.com
Tue Dec 10 22:02:24 GMT 2013

On Tuesday 10 December 2013, freebirds at fastmail.fm wrote:
> The communication problem not being resolved feels unsettling.  Aaron
> J. Seigo recommends holding IRC meetings.  Siarhei Siamashka bullies
> him. Luke, Joem and I defend Aaron Seigo. Siarhei Siamashka bullies
> Joem for definding Aaron Seigo. Aaron Seigo and Joem try defending
> themselves. The other members are silent. Are they bullied into
> silence?

I just joined few days ago so I can't really tell, but there may be things 
that I see working in other communities that may be applicable here:
a more clear roadmap done with periodic irc meetings as Aaron suggested would 

Also, many communities have a code of conduct agreed upon.
Disagreements are things that do happen, this is unavoidable (and healthy, 
even), what should be avoidable is disagreements degenerating in attacks or 
To be able to say that somebody has crossed the line, is important that the 
line is clearly defined in the first place, would probably avoid some 

Just my 2 cents from someone that is still an outsider, so take it with a 
grain of salt :)

Marco Martin

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