[Arm-netbook] Xserver in max 1280x720?

Benjamin Henrion bh at udev.org
Thu Sep 27 08:45:34 BST 2012


I installed Linaro with lxde (mele-a1000_hwpack_2012.09.26.7z with
linaro-precise-alip-20120724-274.tar.gz) on my MiniX with 512MB of
RAM, I get an Xserver with only 1280x720.

Any idea if it is possible to have an Xserver with 1080p in a higher resolution?

Other question is whether the a10 kernel supports framebuffer, as the
HDMI screen is black until the start of the Xserver.

I have hacked a bit the a10-tools on github, since it was not cleaning
its previous rootfs.tmp and the hwpack:


I made a dd backup of the NAND partitions of the original Android 2.3
that was on there, if there is a need to extract the script.bin...


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