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krasi gichev krasimirr at gmail.com
Mon Sep 24 19:03:12 BST 2012

Today I saw 2 different brands of China tablets with iMX6Q (quad). Probably
both are based on same PCBA, but I was really suprised to see them coming
so early. Didi I missed something in last 1-2 months?
Does anybody know if those are officially released chips? Could it be that
they solder engineering samples? I suppose that it is physically impossible
for them to have so many ES chips, but who knows, those guys have
incredible imagination when things comes to selling some crap.
Specifications claim quad core 1.2GHz with Vivante GC2000 - this fits to
the specification of imx. Also interesting is that they support 802.11
a/b/g/n. TI have some own wireless chips, but I haven't heard of Freescale
doing something in this area. One of the screen shots show WIFI MAC
starting with 00:C3:51, but my search could not find who is the maker.

Here is one of them:

By the way, it seems like reasonable price/features tablet.

2012/9/15 Henrik Nordström <henrik at henriknordstrom.net>

> lör 2012-09-15 klockan 02:49 +0100 skrev luke.leighton:
> >  is imx6 out yet? 4210 and 4412 are out; 5250 module, insignal are
> > working on it.
> imx6 is only available in developer samples at the moment i think. You
> can apparently buy pre-production dev boards etc.
> several imx6 boards are launching in the coming months.
> Regards
> Henrik
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