[Arm-netbook] Allwinner A10 NAND controller

Henrik Nordström henrik at henriknordstrom.net
Sun Sep 23 06:22:31 BST 2012

sön 2012-09-23 klockan 00:17 +0400 skrev Sergey Lapin:

> Do anybody knows if it is possible to do raw NAND command and get
> result byte by byte, directly?

The physical layer in the triver is raw nand page access.

> I try to make ad-hoc NAND support in mainline u-boot for my project,
> based on MK802 clone,

You are very welcome. 

> and I want to have as little code as possible to support NAND and
> ubifs on top of it.
> Any IP reference and documentation would be appreciated.

Very little is known about the NAND controller unfortunately, except the
kernel & u-boot sources (same driver, different glue layer).


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