[Arm-netbook] Can't get 512M with MeleA1000

Henrik Nordström henrik at henriknordstrom.net
Thu Sep 20 21:02:21 BST 2012

tor 2012-09-20 klockan 17:27 +0200 skrev Floris Bos / Maxnet:
> I wonder about that file name though.
> Given that the code contains #ifdef CONFIG_SUN4I/CONFIG_SUN5I 
> constructs, wouldn't it be better to use a file name that reflects the 
> exact device it was build for?

Should probablu use u-boot-spl.sunxi actually. sunxi is to mark file
format, not destination target name. u-boot.bin is also arch dependent.

Eventually we might get a sunxi arch supporting both, the differences is
fairly small.


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