[Arm-netbook] A10 EOMA-68 CPU Card Schematics completed

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Thu Sep 13 00:55:09 BST 2012

On Wed, Sep 12, 2012, at 01:12 PM, luke.leighton wrote:
>  yes it will meet your requirements.  i will make absolutely sure that
> all WIFI modules are done as MiniPCI-e so that they can be
> installed/removed/swapped/upgraded/replaced.

Thank you Luke. 

Thank you Henrik Nordström for reminding me A10 has TrustZone which I
rejected. I haven't forgotten. I am compromising by accepting TrustZone
with Mobicore because there are no new MIPS netbooks and MIPS devices,
such as iPPea TV, that can be connected to a lapdock and have Linux
distro. A computer repairman could not unscrew the screws in my Lemote
Yeeloong. On the third day of use, it ceased turning on despite the
power adapter being connected to an outlet. Lemote has no warranty on
its website. Lemote refused to repair it or replace it or refund my
money. I made a VISA dispute. 

I considered purchasing an Asus 1005 netbook or an 2008 Acer Aspire One
ZG5 with an Atom N270 processor which do not have a functional Intel
Active Management Technology. However, they have a SIM slot, so they may
have a dual broadband chip that is operational with GSM and CDMA. For
example, iPhone 4S has a 
"A radio capable of both CDMA and GSM with two antennas.

Physical access is required to insert a SIM card and SIM cards are
visible. CDMA can be remotely activated without physical access and is
not visible other than scanning for a broadband MAC address using Kismet
or Airsnort. Stingrays trackers can activate GSM and CDMA chips and
remotely easedrop and geostalk. "Cell-site simulators act like a fake
cell towers and can be used to monitor and track cell phone users even
when the device is not in use." EPIC files freedom of information act
suit against FBI.



Even if the netbooks only have GSM and not CDMA, with physical access a
CDMA chip could be inserted. I believe my abuser's crackers inserted a
CDMA chip into my Asus and MSI netbooks and then repeatedly performed
Wake on Wireless LAN (WOWL). I decided to purchase a A10 laptop with
TrustZone with no SIM slot over an used netbook with no hardware
assisted visualization (HAV) but has a SIM slot and possible CDMA. Luke,
please add to my requirement no SIM slot or CDMA. Thanks.

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