[Arm-netbook] kickstarter... again.

luke.leighton luke.leighton at gmail.com
Wed Sep 12 13:03:43 BST 2012

right - i've kinda got the message, after receiving *another* person's
advice, "have you considered putting this on kickstarter?" to persist
in wearing the project reviewers objects down, one at a time.

i've finally received a response, after persistently asking them seven
times, that appx 900 registered preorders, almost 100 people on IRC
and 350 people on the mailing list qualifies as an "engaged

however, the same message also said, in effect, "we do not consider
this project to be about empowering people to be creative and about
creative arts".

how, then, exactly the FreedomBox project was accepted yet this one
cannot, i _really_ don't know - and that's the problem.  i *don't
know*.  as in, *i* don't know.

i've sent them a list of the purposes to which people have said that
they'd like to use their A10 CPU Card for, from the preorders: it's a
fascinating list, and it's primarily "creative purposes".  so i've
asked them to advise if that constitutes "creative purposes", but i
believe this requires a bit more.

i'd like to keep the pressure up, so that they finally get the message
that we simply cannot second-guess what people want - what "creative
purposes" people would like to put this to, but we *do* need to give
them an idea of what it is that people want to do that is creative.

so can i ask people to reply to this with testimonials of how they
will use their EOMA68 CPU Card for "creative artistic purposes"?  as
we know, that kickstarter project to create a Games Console which
raised something amazing - was it $1 million or was it $8 million? -
constitutes "creative artistic purposes".

and, perhaps also, reply with what kind of I/O Board (chassis) they
would really like to see made, which will help empower them to
increase the creative and artistic purposes to which their EOMA-68 CPU
Card would be put?

please do send it to the list, publicly, so that i can either refer
kickstarter to the archives or pass on a copy of the comments to them.

many thanks,


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