[Arm-netbook] New little A1x GPIO tool to help in identifying pads, hardware testing etc.

Henrik Nordström henrik at henriknordstrom.net
Wed Sep 5 00:30:23 BST 2012

There is now a little new A1x tool for playing with the GPIO controller,
namely fel-gpio in sunxi-tools repository. This tool uses FEL (livesuit)
mode over USB and allows tinkering with every GPIO capable I/O line on
the CPU, kindo of reducing the CPU to a fancy GPIO controller.

The interface is a crude shell script wrapper around the low level I/O
tools we developed earlier (fel + fel-pio, pio). Nothing fancy, but gets
the job done.

? gives a little help message explaining the available commands.

The tool works on both A10 and A13 devices.

have fun

If someone wants to write a more proper UI for this then it's welcomed.


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