[Arm-netbook] meta-allwinner

Henrik Nordström henrik at henriknordstrom.net
Fri Jun 8 22:01:08 BST 2012

fre 2012-06-08 klockan 19:31 +0200 skrev Henrik Nordström:
> ons 2012-06-06 klockan 11:07 +0200 skrev Enrico:
> > Did someone try it? Does it boot/run?
> Tested.. and neither u-boot SPL or kernel seems to work.

This is odd... exact same version of u-boot SPL git source works fine

What arm toolchain are you using in the build?

Any special compiler flags? (CFLAGS etc)

can you provide an "objdump -S spl/u-boot-spl" using the objdump from
your arm toolchain?

What I can see is that your spl build is noticeably bigger than what I
get here. Need to identify why, and also how they differ that may cause
yours to hang.

It's also worth trying to build the v2011.09-sun4i tag. SPL is more
stable in that version.


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