[Arm-netbook] Allwinner A10- Video Decode

"Sztupák Sz. Zsolt" mail at sztupy.hu
Sat Feb 25 15:32:56 GMT 2012

2012.02.25. 16:23 keltezéssel, lkcl luke írta:
> 2012/2/22 Henrik Nordström<henrik at henriknordstrom.net>:
>>>> It's in the released Android 2.3.4 source code for the Aionol Novo7
>>>> Advanced
>>> and would you have an url for me? :)
>> link have been posted on this list before.
>> Another can probably be found at http://forum.xda-developers.com/archive/index.php/t-1490886.html
>   superb!  i just... i love the spelling and the random use of english
> words.  it's quite educational as to how many words you can miss out
> and still comprehend what's going on.  ordinarily i'd object and go
> spare at the apostrophes, spurious insertion thereof, but it's
> actually only the people whose primary language is english who seem to
> be unable to spell the 3 letter word "its".  amazing.
> l.
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Sorry for not being a native English speaker. Really. I hope I will get 
a laugh at you trying to spek any other language than your native one.


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