[Arm-netbook] Fwd: J&B Re: price for 44-pin DIL2 (2 rows of 22 pin)

Adam Gill madallig at gmail.com
Fri Feb 24 11:06:25 GMT 2012

Hello Mr. Adam Gill,
We have studied all items listed in your enquiry, and only one is 
workable for us.
Like this: 
Attached the quotation with drawing for your reference, please check.
Hoping to hear from you early comment.
Alex Liu
Dongguan Junjia Electronics Co.
*发件人:* J&B-Alex Liu
*发送时间:* 2012-02-24  10:55:44
*收件人:* Adam Gill
*主题:* J&B Re: we can supply 44-pin DIL2 (2 rows of 22 pin) 2.0mm 
pitch (Male)
Hello Mr. Adam Gill,
Thanks for your letter.
Here are the drawings noted in your web and our similar one.
(Please note: the Nylon 46 can be replaced of PA6T)
Please advise:
1. How many pins want per piece?
2. What plaing do you prefer?
The quotation will advised upon receipt of your reply.
Alex Liu
Donguan Junjia Electronics Co.
  I have put all specs / quote received on my sever at:

This one is www.asiasourcing.net/PCB-ASSEMBLYQuotation 20120224002.pdf
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