[Arm-netbook] microSD breakout board, suitable for debugging using tablets.

"Sztupák Sz. Zsolt" mail at sztupy.hu
Tue Feb 14 23:46:49 GMT 2012

2012.02.14. 21:05 keltezéssel, lkcl luke írta:
> Frame buffer device information:
>      Name        :
>      Address     : 0x5a001000
>      Size        : 3072000
>   ok that's only 800 x 480 x 8 ...
That's fine imho. 2 buffers, each one 32bits wide: 800 x 480 x 2 x 4
>   anything that uses svgalib.  apt-get rdepends will tell you a massive list.
Tried some directfb demos. They wrote a few bits to the screen then 
rebooted the device. Next try: wrote a small app that uses memory 
manipulation and only a few ioctls (just like Android does): works fine.
Perhaps the driver crashes on some ioctl command that directfb/x uses 
but android does not (afaik Android initializes the frambuffer at init, 
then only uses the buffer switching ioctl). Looking at the kernel source 
code I wouldn't be surprised by this.

Btw here is the small app I wrote, might come in handy for debugging: 
http://android.sztupy.hu/dl/a10/fbtest.tar.gz (source and statically 
prebuilt binary). It simply cats the input to the framebuffer. Here is a 
picture of it in operation: http://android.sztupy.hu/dl/a10/IMG_3486.JPG


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