[Arm-netbook] microSD breakout board, suitable for debugging using tablets.

Alejandro Martínez zen at itram.es
Tue Feb 14 08:51:58 GMT 2012

My Novo7 Advanced has a RECV pinhole button (Recovery) on the side.
You can press it for 10 seconds while pressing the Power button, and
it goes directly into FEL.

I used it a few times when I screwed up something on the NAND boot
partition (well, I completely wiped it by accident *sigh*), so I
believe it skips NAND entirely. Unfortunately there's not much docs or
tools about FEL and the only thing to be done is to reflash the whole
firmware with Livesuit.

Try to see if the Elf has a RECV button on the pictures, I guess it should.

Also, I found some dual-boot references on the .ini files on the
bootloader, including a (disabled) menu and... WinCE, lol. But I
couldn't get it to work.


On Tue, Feb 14, 2012 at 9:28 AM, Henrik Nordström
<henrik at henriknordstrom.net> wrote:
> Still looing for a suitable tablet for hacking on. As I am not planning
> to using it as a development platform more RAM is premium and of the A10
> tables I have found only Novo 7 ELF seem to be equipped with 1GB, and
> the ELF seems to be hard to get hold of over here. Also not 100% sure
> how one forces FEL mode on a A10 tablet if the NAND boot-loader gets
> fucked.

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