[Arm-netbook] debian on CT-PC89e - obsevations as i see them ...

Michael Howard mike at dewberryfields.co.uk
Tue Mar 30 13:10:03 BST 2010

Adam Gill wrote:
> Recently installed Debian Lenny with XFCE desktop
I have also both lenny and xfce4 installed, using xdm as the display 
manager. Have also tried lxde.
> Observations so far:
> 1. when trying to restart: only shutdown is available - others are 
> greyed out
All three options are available for me.
> 2. when press shut down, it actually restarts .......... but if i 
> select shutdown on "actions" i can choose shut down and it actially 
> shuts down
Shutdown works for me but restart results in a shutdown only. Logged in 
as root at the moment so if you are not, the availability of icons could 
well be permissions. Both 'reboot' and 'init 6' from the command line 
result in a shutdown, no restart.
> 3. i left the netbook on all nite - and the screen had frozen in the 
> morning ... but screen not fried
> 4. when hit reset button ..... and start up ......... i see what looks 
> like some packages installing ...
> 5. When press web browser icon - the the terminal opens
Is a graphical browser installed with a basic xfce4 install? If so, it 
isn't here. Am about to try midori.
> 6. xfmedia - tries to load - can see the loading icon - but gives up 
> after about 20 secs
> 7. On boot up: if i take out sd card .... i get: waiting for root 
> device /dev/mmcblk0p2 ...
> if i put in sd card again boot and text scroll down continues
> 8. Plug in ntfs usb hard drive - not recognized or no icon to be seen
Both ntfs & ext usb sticks work as expected here.
> 9. not able to access my network
Network is hit and miss for me. Sometimes comes up sometimes not. Always 
comes up if re-flashing though.
> 10 plug in usb drive - two cycles of flashes and then stops ...... not 
> sure if recognized or not - cannot see icon
> 11.
> 12. if i move the micro switch in the opposite direction on so-dimm - 
> system does not boot - meaning we are booting from sd card
> 13. screen freezes after about 30 mins -1 hour if not used ........get 
> 4 vertical coloured bars .... reset and power on .... can boot
> ... when booting again .........  and some copying between SD card and 
> nand flash and attempts loading i think .... and then shuts down - 
> power on again - boots normally
Not been able to replicate the screen freeze apart from the graphical 
installer one.
> 14. On midfun OS - if press power button 5 seconds - system will power 
> off - on Lenny - cannot do this ...
Same here but personally I don't like that option.


Michael Howard        mike at dewberryfields dot co dot uk

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