[Arm-netbook] Debian Installer fully functional for ChiTech PC89E

Frans Pop elendil at planet.nl
Wed Mar 24 21:52:58 GMT 2010

On Tuesday 23 March 2010, Frans Pop wrote:
> kernel issues
> Current known kernel issues are (roughly in order of importance):
> - Internal flash (mmcblk0) gets disabled (or reset) when external SD
>   card is inserted/removed.
>   Do *NOT* change the SD card while the installer or Debian is running.
> - System does not power off after shoutdown; use the "reset" button on
>   the bottom to power off the system after shutdown.
> - No driver for wireless networking available.
> - The dm9000 eth0 network device has some issues and is slow to come up.
>   Once up it has been reliable for me.
> - Various other (less important) devices are not yet enabled or tested.

I forgot one important issue:
- The dm9000 network interface gets a random MAC address assigned.

Luke is working in that one.

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