[Arm-netbook] next step is a boot image

Pablo Rath pablo at parobalth.org
Tue Jan 17 07:39:44 GMT 2023

> >> it's possible to reconfigure u-boot (etc) to have the OS on the Card's
> micro-sd.
> >
> > I believe I’m using a quite old u-boot boot script.
> that is irrelevant.  u-boot-spl.bin is what needs compiling
> and that is done with compile options.  "make config".
> i think.
> you need to establish which phase has been achieved.
> there are MULTIPLE phases.
> EVERY ONE OF THEM needs properly configuring.

I should have a working u-boot configuration and binary somewhere on my hard drive. Let me
check my files. Hopefully I will also find some comments and notes that
are not yet in the rhombus-tech wiki. My search and answer on the
mailing list may take me a few days.


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