[Arm-netbook] next step is a boot image

Franck Sinimalé franck at sinimale.fr
Thu Jan 12 08:26:04 GMT 2023

Happy new year Arm-netbook !

Thank you Felix to make me recall this point of the project.

I'd read, well I tried to... the "EOMA68-A20 2.7.4 preproduction board" 
page (thank's to Pablo I guess) and some other pages linked to.

I'am sad to see that I'am under skilled to play with. In my old times I 
knew how to compile a linux kernel... but here it is a big step for me.

Anyway, if some discussions are coming here about this topic, maybe I 
could see how to help, and learn more about this step.

Does somebody has work in progress making this boot image and would like 
to share his experience here (or in an other way) ?


El sáb, 17 dic 2022 a las 18:25, lkcl (<luke.leighton at gmail.com>) escribió:
> next step is a boot image to be able to help test the Cards.
> i will not be able to assist with this.
> if someone else would like to volunteer to create a boot test
> image that would be very helpful.  i can arrange for a Card
> in advance (and one of the precious few micro-desktops to be
> sent on loan).
> parabolath was the last person to work on this.
> https://rhombus-tech.net/allwinner/a20/EOMA68-A20_2-7-4_preproduction/

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