[Arm-netbook] OpenPOWER virtual coffee continues every Tuesday UTC 22:00

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at lkcl.net
Mon Sep 21 21:45:48 BST 2020

with many thanks to Hugh Blemings the Virtual Coffee calls were a lot
of fun.  in LibreSOC we liked them so much that it would be a shame to

the time and day is the same: every tuesday, UTC 22:00 hrs.  this
turns out to be a reasonably sane time for both US and AU, a little
late for EU though.

it is on jitsi meet, if you would like the URL (which does not have a
password set) please email me and i will privately provide the link.

if you cannot use jitsi meet directly (web, android) there is a dialup
number available as well.

discussion is, as usual, eclectic and entirely informal.  even
OpenPOWER can be a topic for discussion.


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