[Arm-netbook] $ available: python programmers needed on LibreSOC

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at lkcl.net
Wed Mar 4 21:50:54 GMT 2020

hi folks i need some help with the chip layout, it would particularly well
suit a student or someone needing part time income.

the actual layout is quite straightfoward to do, if you have ever done PCB
Layout it is pretty much exactly that... except it is done as a *python*
program.  you call a *function* to place an adder block, rather than use a
GUI, and then view the results *in* a GUI in order to review them.

here is one of the experiments, which will need significant tidying up:

it is however "functional" and demonstrates the principle of routing
smaller blocks then placing them and routing the larger block.

this hierarchy needs to be about 2 maybe 3 levels deep, around 100 "blocks"
which will need careful discussion.

no *actual* "hardware" experience is required, it is simply "call this
function to put stuff here, call the routing function, save the file, move
on to the next block".

anyone interested or know anyone who might be, do get in touch or pass this
on to them.



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