[Arm-netbook] 2.7.4 preproduction sample, 1.7 MD, Questions

Paul Boddie paul at boddie.org.uk
Wed Jun 17 00:09:42 BST 2020

On Tuesday, 16 June 2020 10:44:47 CEST Pablo Rath wrote:
> I have recieved an EOMA68-A20 2.7.4 preproduction computer card and the 1.7
> micro desktop (MD) last week. Just for clarification these boards are
> nothing new and have been discussed on this mailing list.
> If some of you already have their preproduction boards ready, I would
> appreciate any help, hints and suggestions to help me getting started.

I certainly don't have one, nor are there likely to be many in circulation, 
but maybe there are some people assisting Luke who have some experience with 
them. Without reviewing the previous threads, I can't give you any quick and/
or reliable answers to your questions.

However, I did summarise the state of certain things on the wiki at one point:


> 5. Git, notes and documentation
> Finally I am wondering where to put my notes. A subpage on rhombus-tech
> seems like a good idea good to me and indicates a work in progress in
> contrast to the various wikis out there. Where do you want me to push my
> work in progress git branches if I manage to hack something useful
> together?

You could probably make a wiki page on the rhombus-tech site with your notes, 
maybe linking to it from the one mentioned above.

One thing I can imagine is that some kernel issues are likely to be much 
easier than when Luke was trying to get a kernel together, mostly because 
quite a bit of mainlining has since taken place, although I can't guarantee 
that the notorious Linux 4.7 bug mentioned on that page is still there or not.

Still, it will be interesting to follow your investigations.


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